There was a time when scandals mostly came to those who deserved them: the corrupt politician, the unethical businessman, the miscreant with his hand in the cookie jar. Today, with the prevalence of Social Media, a gotcha media culture, and a zeitgeist that is more likely to call for blood than justice, a communications crisis can happen to anyone.

It can be a simple misunderstanding, a joke taken the wrong way, an unfortunate customer situation that catches fire. It could be a legitimate error or even malfeasance on the part of your organization that you simply cannot find a way to move past.

If you are trying to lie to the public, manipulate people, or escape the consequences of bad actions, we cannot and will not help you. But, if you are honestly seeking to make things right, serve the community, and set the record straight, if the truth is on your side but buried in rhetoric, or if you are facing an undeserved misinformation or smear campaign, we are here to help.


Michael Whitehouse, founder, president, crisis communications expert
Michael Whitehouse, Founder and President of The Crisis Control Group

Michael Whitehouse,  President

With over 20 years in event management, marketing, and entrepreneurship, Michael Whitehouse knows how to keep cool under pressure.

He came to crisis communications and crisis management the hard way. When an organization he was part of came under a blistering misinformation campaign for which it was completely unprepared, he was able to act to mitigate the damage which might have been much more severe.

This experience awakened him to the fact that the current social climate of anger and division leaves people ripe to be riled up. A person, business, or organization that runs afoul of an organized person or persons who wish to do it harm may quickly find themselves up against a powerful and dangerous misinformation campaign.

His unique set of skills and experience, including dealing directly with crisis communications and malicious campaigns, political campaigns, marketing, event management, social media, and networking, give him a uniquely powerful set of resources for helping you to manage or head off a communications crisis.

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The Crisis Communications Team

We have assembled a team of contractors, associates, and allies which gives us a tremendous flexibility. Whether it’s social media management, graphic design, marketing, traditional PR, or any other strategy we need to deploy to address your situation, we have access to some of the best of the best through our dynamic network.